Our purpose

To make known to students that they are loved by God, and loved by Him at the measure of the sacrifice of Jesus.

At SCBC we are passionate about youth getting opportunities to come to know and serve God. God is great, and He is also good. He is Holy and transcendent, and He also knows each one of us personally and invites us to know Him through Jesus. Our hope is that students would come to know God deeply, to grow in devotion to Him, and through this that God would use them greatly to do the good works that He has planned out for them. As students come to grow in their relationship with Jesus they are going to want to do the things of Jesus. We want to be coaching them in this as opportunities are provided for us to practice this together. 

We accomplish this through four avenues:

  • Friday Night Fellowships: We meet every 2nd and 4th Friday from 7:30-9:30pm for a time of fun, teaching from God’s Word, and worship.
  • Events: Occasionally we will do things together as a group, just to spend time hanging out and getting to know each other!
  • Retreats and Camps: Each Summer we have a retreat and a week-long Summer camp. These are great opportunities for students to have a focused time on the Lord and to come into contact with great worship and teaching.
  • Service Events: We regularly provide opportunities for youth to serve God together including ministering to the poor, the elderly, and going on mission trips.